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Automatic Chain system for truck and vans

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Military Engineering Machinery Road Building

. . Strategic support is associated with providing service in communication zones such as the construction of airfields and the improvement and upgrade of ports, roads and railways communication. Ancillary support includes provision and distribution of maps as well as the disposal of unexploded warheads. Military engineers … Modern military engineering machinery to make mobile roads quickly by FAUN Trackway […]

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Collapsed Atlanta Highway To Reopen Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

. . Now, less than 2 months after the destruction, Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia, states that the roadway will be reopened by the morning of May 15, or maybe even sooner, according to the DOT press conference. This announcement puts the highway opening a full month before the originally scheduled date. The Georgia Department Of Transportation had offered a […]

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Multiple large accidents on I-44 cause fatalities

. . Multiple large accidents have been reported along Interstate 44 resulting in fatalities and leaving many people in need of assistance. Mile Marker 106 The Conway Volunteer Fire Department reported a large accident along I-44 near mile marker 106 with possibly 40 people in need of assistance. Marshfield Fire is assisting, according to a Conway Volunteer Fire Department Facebook […]

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